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Anglo Philippine Holdings Corporation

Corporate Profile

The Company was incorporated in 1958 as an oil and mineral exploration company with the corporate name of “Anglo Philippine Oil Corporation”.

In 1996, the Company changed its primary purpose to that of an investments holding firm focused on infrastructure and property development, and changed its corporate name to “Anglo Philippine Holdings Corporation”.

Since then, the Company has maintained, and will continue to maintain, investments in natural resources, property development, infrastructure and diversified businesses.

Vision Statement

We envision our company as a leading publicly listed holding firm with a balanced portfolio of investments in natural resources, infrastructure and property development. Through these investments, we aim to contribute to the task of building the Filipino future.

Mission Statement

We enable our stakeholders to participate in the growth and profit potentials of our chosen investment sectors, conscious as we are of our obligation to create and enhance shareholder value.

We contribute to Philippine economic growth and development by providing seed funding to high-impact and capital-intensive projects, thereby creating employment and other business opportunities and boosting the revenue potentials of the Philippine Government.

We harness the wealth of the earth through responsible mining and oil exploration and development, thus converting the country’s undeveloped natural resources into revenues that would fuel economic growth, always mindful of the concern for environmental protection and sustainable development.

We support infrastructure and property development projects that would enhance the quality of life of the Filipino people, especially the masses.

As a key player in the Philippine natural resources, infrastructure, and property development sectors, Anglo Philippine Holdings Corporation is committed to ...

Helping Build the Filipino Future.

Service Contract Areas

  • SC6A
  • SC6B
  • SC14
  • Mindoro

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